Wire Cable, coupler, Swagger


I wanted to raise my tower from 36' to 42'. My tower anchors were already set at a 20' radius. Using some engineering I could see that in order to be safe I need some stronger cable at the top. I used my stick welder to make a coupler. I took a 3" ID/ 3.5" OD galvanized pipe and cut a 1" strip out using a grinder with a metal cutting disc. This pipe is 1/4" thick. I welded 3/8" steel flanges on three sides. Where I cut the strip I welded two 1/4" pieces. Since I was using 5/16" thimbles, I drilled 5/8" holes. I used 6011 welding sticks. The bolts that draw the coupler together are grade 8 3/8" bolts. They go through 7/16" holes.

I bought 5/16" galvanized steel cable and a swagger to cut and crimp aluminum sleeves.


This is how the coupler will sit on the tower pipe. It will clamp onto the pipe, providing a secure site to attach the upper guy cables.

Here is a picture of the swagger with a couple of aluminum sleeves. This is amazing how easily it crimps the sleeves to the cable.

Here is the coupler with the swagged 5/16" cables.




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