Power Tools for Carving Blades with a Chainsaw

I have found these power tools very useful for the project.


First, you need an arc welder for making your sleds. I took a 1/4" bold and cut the top off. I cut some flat iron stock and another piece for a spacer. I drilled a 1/4" hole and inserted the pieces. Then I welded them and grinded the bottom surface smooth.

You need to drill a 1/4" hold in the chainsaw to accomodate the sled. Space them out properly. I use some washers to change the cutting angle if I am off a slight amount. Keep the chain tight, and it is best to use a fresh chain.

Below are some very good tools. From left to right: belt sander, jigsaw with a 3.5" blade, and a oscillating sander.

The jigsaw allowed me to easily cut through the thickness of the wood. I found this much easier than a bandsaw; but, this is just me. I used 80 grit on the belt sander to do the initial shaping and then used 80 grit on the oscillating sander. I then worked my way to 120 grit before applying the epoxy.

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